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Construction Continues

Almost immediately after moving equipment in on Dec. 7, 2020 Reilly Construction began work on the Farragut Admiral Trail. But shortly after the cold weather and snow halted construction. With the good spring weather progress has been going well. A lot of the grading on the trail has been done, 25% of the granular material (500 ton) is on site and 10% of that has been applied to the trail. Once all granular is in place shoulder grading will be done. With good weather all material should be in place in 3 - 4 weeks.

At this time Boulder Construction has placed 3 concrete culverts where bridge 2 was destroyed by fire. They are repairing the piers on Bridge 1. As soon as repairs are complete they will be laying concrete over the bridge and culverts. The timeline for this will possibly be 2 - 3 weeks after most of the material has been applied to the trail.

This trail project has been possible through grants from the Greater Shenandoah Foundation, SWIPCO TAP (Transportation Alternative Program), Federal Recreation Fund, State Recreation Fund, Doppelt Fund, and the Reap Fund. Also from generous donations from Farragut Alumni and the local public. We still have a long to go though, and we look forward to continuing to partner with the community.

Photos provided by Shawn Holman


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