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Mile Markers & Birdhouses

It was a hot evening on the 16th of June when members of both the Farragut Admiral Trail and Farragut Hometown Pride Committee worked together to install 5 new mile markers and 7 birdhouses along the completed portion of the trail. The birdhouses were constructed, and painted by members of the community through a program created by the Farragut Hometown Pride Committee. Some of those who worked on the houses chose to take them home but others donated them to be installed along the trail. Steel posts were purchased through a grant generated by the Farragut Hometown Pride members.

We would like to thank JF McQueen for the use of his UTV and help measuring out the mile marker locations, to Mike Hodges for his help and use of his skid steer to dig the holes, to the Wabash Trace for donating the steel posts for the mile markers, and to special guest volunteer Aaron McCormick for his help putting up the markers and birdhouses.


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